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Paper Preparation Guidelines for Authors

In fulfilment of some of the objectives of the African Journal of Business Incubation & Acceleration (ABIA), the editor-in-chief of ABIA invites academicians and researchers to submit well-researched papers, written in English, in the areas of business innovation and business incubation and acceleration for publication in the next journal issue for the period July-December 2023. The paper should be concise and use a direct style of writing.

The main purpose of the African Journal of Business Incubation & Acceleration (ABIA) is to promote the concept of business incubation and acceleration in nurturing and growing start-ups into profitable and sustainable enterprises on the African continent and beyond.

Format and page numbering


The paper title should not exceed 20 words and it should be bolded. The title must reflect the contents of the paper.

Authors' Names and Institutional affiliations

Full names (with no titles or qualifications), name of the institutions (Faculty, Department, Institute, City, & Country), and email addresses for all authors must be given. The corresponding author should also be given first with the words (corresponding author).

Paper Length

The whole paper should not exceed 3,000 words in Calibre 11 font size on a standard paper size. Each sentence in the paper must be comprehensible and should not contain spelling or grammatical errors. The acceptable text file is MS Word with extension (.DOC or DOCX) only. Acceptable figure file extension is .PDF or PJG.


Authors are advised to follow the American Psychological Association (APA ) referencing style. Only papers in peer-reviewed journals or published textbooks MUST be used for reference. Papers that have been submitted for publication but not yet accepted should not be cited. The list of references must appear at the end of the paper.

Authors must make sure that the paraphrased information is similar to the information given in the reference(s). No publication should appear in the list of references when it does not appear in the main body of the paper and no publication should appear in the main body and it does not appear in the list of references.

Authors, year of publication, Title of the article, Journal name (in italics), Volume (Issue), Pages. Example: Hirsh, H., Coen, M. H., Mozer, M. C., Hasha, R. & Flanagan, J. L. 2002. Room service, AI-style. IEEE Intelligent Systems, 14 (2):8-19.

Authors, “Title of Article,” Title of Journal (in italics), Volume (Issue), pages, month year. [Format] Available: Database Name (if appropriate), article number (if given), internet address. [Accessed date of access]. Example: Altun, A. 2003. Understanding hypertext in the context of reading on the web: Language learners’ experience, Current Issues in Education, 6(12), pp. [Online]. [Online]. Available from: http://cie.ed.asu.edu/volume6/number12/. [Accessed on Dec. 2, 2004].

Authors, Year of publication, Title, Publisher, City of Publication, page numbers (if appropriate). Example: 1. Fogg, B.J. 2013. Persuasive technology: using computers to change what we think and do, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Boston, pp. 30-35.

Authors, year of publication, Title of E-book (in italics), Publisher, Date of original publication. [Format] Available: Source. Example: Eckes, T. 2000. The Developmental Social Psychology of Gender, Lawrence Erlbaum. [E-book] Available: netLibrary e-book.

Authors, year of publication, Title of the article. In: Title of conference (in italics), Publisher, Pages. Example: Leclercq, P. & Heylighen, A. 2013. Analogies per hour: A designer’s view on analogical reasoning, in: 7th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Design, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 285-303.


The authors should acknowledge direct contributions in the preparation of the paper and the source of research funding, if any.



Deadlines for paper submission

Papers for publication must have reached the editor-in-chief (editorinchief@africaain.org) latest by 15th July every year for the January-June issue and latest by 15th February of every year for the July-December issue. The submitted papers for publication in the ABIA MUST not have been submitted or even accepted for publication anywhere else.

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