Research, Innovations and Projects Development Coordinator


James Natweta Baguma is a research and innovation enthusiast with a particular interest in incubator management and strengthening. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Health Science and a Master of Science Degree in Veterinary Preventive Medicine from Makerere University. He has over five years’ experience in research, environment and community livelihood development, managing and supervising several international donor-funded projects and programmes. He currently serves as the Research, Innovations and Projects Development Coordinator at AAIN under the Office of the CEO. He is also the Manager of the African Journal of Business Incubation and Acceleration (ABIA), where he has supported publication and has contributed to several papers the most recent being the “F3A Model for Enhancing Food Security, Economic Resilience and Self Reliance in Africa”. He is responsible for the development, coordination and execution of AAIN’s project plans and strategies, as well as design and supervision of AAIN’s research projects.

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